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I am 32 years of age. I am striving to serve God in all that I do. I also like to read my Bible, biblical/ theological literature, and the comics in the newspaper.

Friday, May 23, 2008

This Blog Has Moved!

I've moved this blog over to wordpress ( Please come check out the new blog!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Madelyn's Birthday Party/ Uncle Zeebo

Greetings one and all! On Saturday we celebrated my niece Madelyn's first birthday party. Lots of fun! We all met at my brother in law's parents' house. The party was a huge success! Lots of good food. Good cake and ice cream. Madelyn enjoyed her birthday presents. A good time had by all!
Happy birthday Madelyn!
Of course all of you know my name is Zack. My mother calls me Zeebo sometimes. That has become a nickname of sorts. My brother in law has an older sister who is married and has three children of her own. The oldest is called Zack as well. So I have decided to have Madelyn call me Uncle Zeebo to avoid confusing her.
And now my youngest sister Katie is pregnant, I have decided to go with Uncle Zeebo with all of my nieces and nephews that come along the way.
That is the story behind "Uncle Zeebo". I love being an uncle!
Peace and God bless!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Answer/ Madelyn's Birthday

Greetings one and all.
Now for the moment everyone's been waiting for: the answer to last week's riddle. What do May flowers bring? Pilgrams!
My niece Madelyn Grace Chism turns One year old tomorrow May 14. Can't believe how time has been flying by in one year's time. It only runs faster from here on. My brother-in-law has a really awesome tribute to her on his blog He has a really awesome song posted on it by Steven Curtis Chapman (one of my personal favorite Christian song writers/ singers). It's really touching and you'll be crying your eyes out by the end of it, so get a hanker chif before you listen to it.
Happy first birthday sweet Madelyn! Your Uncle Zeebo (I'll write a post about the "Uncle Zeebo" thing some time later) loves you!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

April showers and May flowers

Greetings one and all. I know we are six days into May already, but this is really funny.
April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring? Think about it. The answer is obvious. Even if you rack your brain trying to figure it out, when you hear the correct answer you'll say "oh yeah, that's so obvious". The answer coming next week.
God bless!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SIBI News/ Prayers

Greetings everyone! I forgot to post about this. I got accepted to attend Sunset International Bible Institute this Fall. School starts August 11th. I need to be in Lubbock sometime before that. I am very excited about being challenged and getting opportunities to develop some skills. I will post about ambitions to fulfill after Sunset at a later time. I am really excited about this great opportunity! Still need some support. If there is anyone interested, please email me ( and we can talk about it.
Also, please remember to be praying for the AIM students and my friends on the mission field all around the world. Thanks for that!
More news later. Grace and Peace.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pepperdine Lectureship

Greetings everyone! I guess most people already know this. The Pepperdine Bible Lectureship starts tonight in Malibu, CA. I pray everyone gets there safe and sound. And that everyone has a spiritually uplifting experience there. And finally that everyone will make back home safely and use what they learned in their churches back home.
Quite a few people I have met in the blog world are there. I wish each of them and everyone who is there God's blessings. I hope to read about their personal experiences there. Lord-willing I will get to go to Pepperdine for the Lectureship at some point in the future.
God bless you all!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Shack Book

Greetings everyone! I hope and pray you are having a good day. Some time ago I finished reading a book called The Shack. It is really (and I mean REALLY!!!!!) intense! My parents got my brother, brothers in law, and I a copy of the book for Christmas. It took me a really long time to read it. The book was way too intense for me. I've heard of people who read The Shack in a day or two. I just couldn't handle a huge chunk of it in one sitting. I could only read a chapter of it and have to sit it down to digest it, plus that it was INTENSE.
The Shack is about a man who takes his three youngest children (one son and two daughters) on a camping trip in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon near the end of the summer before school started up again. On the last day they were there the youngest child ( one of the two girls) is kid napped and brutally murdered. The body is discovered in an abandoned shack. A few years pass and the rest of the family has taken their time recouping from such a devastating tragedy. The wife (Nan) has developed a deeper relationship with God. She even calls Him Papa. That will play a major role into the book. The husband (Mack) seems to have drifted off from his relationship with God. The kids seem to be in different stages between their parents' to extremes. Several years pass by and Mack discovers a note addressed to him from Papa, inviting him to meet Him at the shack, the site of the vicious murder, for the weekend. He discovers Nan is taking the kids to their grand parents for the weekend to spend time with them. Mack decides to stay home. He finally decides to go to the shack. What he finds there will change his life forever. He gets there and God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are all there in human form. God even calls Him self (in this case Her self) Papa. Jesus is Him self. And the Holy Spirit calls Her self Sarayu. Mack discovers the peace and love of God all over again, and discovers God had a plan in this devastating event. God still loved him and his whole family and wept as they wept when ever they missed their deceased family member who died so tragically.
I can see how this book could be such a great comfort to those who have lost family members in similar ways. I highly recommend this book.
Thanks for reading! God bless!