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I am 32 years of age. I am striving to serve God in all that I do. I also like to read my Bible, biblical/ theological literature, and the comics in the newspaper.

Friday, May 23, 2008

This Blog Has Moved!

I've moved this blog over to wordpress ( Please come check out the new blog!


Blogger mercyshower said...

Hey Zack,
I know you've commented before, but I was just wondering a couple things. Where do I know you from, or how did you find my blog. I see that you have connections to SIBI. Thanks for your words of encouragement, I appreciated that. Glad you like reading my blog... it can be very random some days and highly emotional!

God bless!

8:34 AM  
Blogger mercyshower said...

Hey Zack,
I just read your other comment... which answered one of my many questions. --You will be attending SIBI in August! How awesome! We'll look forward to meeting you. My friend Alex will be starting then as you guys will be in the same class! :)

8:40 AM  
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